Creative Projects Group®

Creative Projects Group® is an incubator production and service organization that is entering its second decade. We create, develop, produce and help monetize a wide range of projects in the entertainment, media, sports and technology fields, most actively in film, television, and transmedia. Because each venture is unique, we dedicate a carefully tailored team of professionals and suite of services to each project. These are designed to support individual and other stakeholders as well as the ultimate creative vision and goals of each project. Our services and own production activities range from corporate consulting, including designing business structures and strategies, both traditional and online, to assisting with the branding, marketing, communications, publishing, licensing and merchandising of products and services. We design, program and produce live events including professional/academic workshops and symposia, and film festivals, and serve as media Production Consultants. We also provide business affairs advice with respect to film, television, online, software, technology and other agreements involving intellectual property rights and the protecting of such assets, as well as the positive resolution of differences between creative partners in such enterprises.

Our ultimate mission, as an organization, is to further the spirit and success of creative expression.

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