Creative Projects Group® and Related Production Projects:

The Power Project


Shot across 5 continents in 10 different countries, with stunning visuals, personal human stories and insights from leading energy executives, government ministers, and entrepreneurs, POWER tackles the ambitious questions and complex geopolitics surrounding the energy industry today. Everything we do is dependent on power. Our relationship with every country is defined in terms of our energy needs and most wars and conflicts have this at their source. By definition, our energy sources in the long run must be sustainable or we will face the inevitable possibility that it is in fact the human race itself that is not sustainable. We, the consumers and voters, have the power to change the energy system and in doing so change the world. Tomorrow's energy system can be affordable, apolitical, clean and renewable.

This story is brought to life by two award-winning directors, a score by a Golden Globe winning composer, and an original song by Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo. POWER endeavors to answer the most crucial questions concerning us all. What is the future of energy? What are the stakes if we fail to make changes? Where are the solutions?