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cgpbadgefamreneterWilliam Nix has joined the Family Reentry Executive Advisory Council

Family ReEntry's (FRE) mission is to develop, implement, and share sustainable, cost-effective solutions for the unprecedented numbers of people involved in the criminal justice system, which empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities. Family ReEntry SM began in 1984, as a reentry support group for men at the Isaiah House in Bridgeport and has since grown to include intervention, reentry, and family and children programs. Over the past thirty-two years, effective community-based programs developed by Family ReEntry, have significantly reduced the likelihood that clients will re-offend, be re-arrested, or be re-incarcerated.

Its programs comprise three integrated sectors: Prevention, Intervention, and Reentry, providing a spectrum of services designed to help break the cycle of incarceration. FRE addresses the specific needs of each client and their families through individualized case management and support services. It works to create a positive social network for each client, towards helping to make their transition from prison back into the community a successful one and helping them towards a road of self-sufficiency, while strengthening their families and the community. FRE's programs include: Domestic Violence Treatment and Education, Community Reentry, Mentoring Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs.