International Cinema Education


International Cinema Education, Inc. (I.C.E.) began in 2003 at the United Nations as a "Global Classroom" where New York City public high school students were invited each month to a free tour of the United Nations and screening of a foreign film. More than 50 films were shown to 10,000 New York City students from over 100 public high schools. With the help of Ambassadors, U.N. tour guides, actors, directors and producers, these students were transposed to worlds beyond their imagination and learned about countries they never knew existed before.

As of September 2008, I.C.E. has taken this global program directly into New York City public high schools and across the United States to public high schools in Oklahoma. We collaborate with liaison teachers who interweave our program into their traditional Social Studies, Global History, English and Film classes, as well as teach the program in newly created elective classes based on this program.

Using I.C.E.'s "multi-disciplinary" pedagogy as a textbook/ curriculum, World Affairs in Foreign Films © (McFarland Publishers, 2011) the teachers screen the film in the classroom and then use the film to catapult lessons in world history, geography, government, finance, creative writing, comparative literature, film, and art. The textbook is used as a vehicle to understand international themes, world affairs and cross cultural concepts. It also represents a contemporary voice of communication in today's world.

World Affairs in Foreign Films helps students understand the connection between film and international events and how both are relevant to their life. The text's content, activities and assignments add real-world relevance to academic subjects and also satisfy the New York State Regents Requirements, State Requirements in Language Arts, Social Studies, and the Arts. The multi-disciplinary curriculum is unique and engaging for student learners.

Members of I.C.E.'s Board of Directors from Morgan Stanley, the United Nations, Wall Street firms, teachers and filmmakers, go to the high school classrooms for post-film discussions. We have created a concept that students in their own classroom have a forum of diplomatic experts and leading professionals to answer their questions and prepare them to understand our global world. In this format, international events come alive and world issues are no longer foreign. Students become engaged and curious and begin to see the world with a new openness of mind.

The Mission of I.C.E. is to teach world events through the medium of film. In addition, we teach students about the global marketplace and international cultural understanding. These goals are achieved with help from our Global partners as the Simon Wiesenthal Tolerance Center, Morgan Stanley, Columbia University and the United Nations. The Tolerance Center invites students to a 2-hour interactive film and computer program to combat racism and intolerance. Morgan Stanley invites the students to their N.Y. City office for a "Global Economics" seminar to learn about micro-financing, emerging markets, and what students should know to better prepare for the global marketplace. Morgan Stanley also offers our students a tour of the New York Stock Exchange. Columbia University's Teachers College hosts screenings and post Q&A with faculty from FERA (Film Education Research Association). The United Nations' Foreign Missions also invite our students to briefings at their Missions to learn about foreign countries and their global interaction. In addition, students are invited to the United Nations for tours and première film screenings. Students also have the opportunity to have briefings about the United Nations.

Our global program offers high school students an understanding of the World as well as tools to prepare them for college studies and for the global workplace. We help them understand the cultures of different ethnic groups. We advocate group projects, analytical thinking and critical analysis. We also strive to prepare our students to better understand the global future and become citizens and leaders of our merging world.

More than 10,000 students have participated in our programs free of charge.

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