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Matthew Jordan Smith, Board of Advisors

smithMatthew Jordan Smith is a world-renowned professional photographer specializing in celebrity, beauty and portraiture. His iconic approach is simple: Take the time to personally connect with every subject, make them feel brilliant and beautiful, and the photos infinitely sparkle. It's why his loyal clients of twenty+ years keep asking for the Matthew Jordan Smith Experience. It's magic captured in every assignment. Matthew's A-list celebrity clientele light up the red carpet and his camera: Oprah, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Connelly, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jamie Foxx and other stars shine brighter with MJS. Make-up leaders Pantene, L'Oreal, Revlon, and Olay regularly call on Matthew to showcase their latest products and models.

Kodak, Sony and Microsoft sponsor this industry heavyweight around the globe through seminars, speaking engagements, product trials and innovation including as a guest judge on the international sensation America's Next Top Model. In both his personal and commissioned work Matthew continues to advance the creative art of photography while sharing the inspirations influenced by his personal holy trinity: Global Travels, People he's met and Books he's read, through his frequently updated blog, The Joy of Photography. You can follow his musings and updates online at www.matthewjordansmith.blogspot.com.

Inspired by a recent trip to India, Matthew's soon-to-be third published book with its revolutionary collection of images is due out later this year. In 2006, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, along with Microsoft, sanctioned and sponsored his second book, Lost & Found. In 2001, St. Martin's Press published his first book Sepia Dreams, a stunning visual look at the accomplishments of leading African Americans. Close friend and long-time client Vanessa Williams penned its introduction.

In March of 2010, Matthew flew to Kyoto, Japan and instructed a multi-national audience on photography as art. In 2009, he exhibited at the Zevio Cultural Centre in Verona, Italy. In 2008, his photos presented at a solo show at the Chateau de Vullierens Gallery in Vullierens, Switzerland and a group show at The Wave Gallery in Brescia, Italy. In that same year, Microsoft invited Matthew to a Photography Summit in Iceland that featured the planet's foremost photographers. Matthew's stunning images collected there looked as if they were shot when the earth first formed.

In addition to his exceptional eye behind the lens, Matthew's outgoing persona and expert insight make him a highly sought after interview for national magazines and television. In Style, Zoom, The Tyra Banks Show and E! Entertainment TV have all talked with Matthew in print and on air.

A native of New York City, Matthew resides in Los Angeles and relishes in his bi-coastal influences. An activist in several areas, Matthew sits on the Board of Kids with a Cause Europe and APA/LA.

For further information please see www.imdb.com/name/nm2267509/. Other links include: Sony Blog:  http://bit.ly/cYxC8p;  PhotoCrew Press Release:  http://bit.ly/aJI565; PPA:  http://bit.ly/9lQ2T5;  Find Photo Workshops:  http://bit.ly/cvo1wr;  Profoto Blog:  http://bit.ly/cvDZu;  Older LA links:  http://bit.ly/bkW4iE; Always Dream Big; www.MatthewJordanSmith.com

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