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Cynthia Cleveland, Board of Advisors


One of three partners in Broadthink, Cynthia Cleveland brings great expertise to developing brands.Broadthink (www.broad-think.com) is a media, marketing and branding company dedicated to optimizing the visions of businesses and individuals. Broad Think's Missionis to maximize opportunities while minimizing risk without compromising a brand's soul--through merchandising and licensing programs, media (books, TV, film, magazines, interactive games, syndicated columns), and marketing (promotions, database development, and direct sales). Broadthink's clients have included The Lithgow Palooza Co., Dean Koontz, Razor and Tie, Scholastic, Inc., Sony Wonder, The Learning Company, The Lennon Sisters, Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Cartoon Network, Midway Games, National Geographic Society, Viacom/Paramount Consumer Products Group, John Lithgow Properties, Zenda, HBO, Participant Productions, Rainbow Media, Weller Grossman Productions, Grossett & Dunlap, Random House, Running Press, Simon & Schuster, The Penguin Publishing Group, Touchstone/Fireside and Grand Central Publishing.

As President /CEO of a variety of retail, toy, gift and entertainment companies for the past fourteen years, Cynthia has consistently expanded significantly the business of every one of them. Her superior track record in identifying new business trends, clearly communicating her vision, and producing fast-track results has made her a recognized industry leader. She has successfully grown a multitude of brands for an extensive range of consumer businesses including interactive games, toys, apparel, gift, and collectibles. She has launched thousands of consumer products for major companies such as Universal Studios, Imaginarium Toy Stores, Mattel Toys, Carnation Foods, and Teleflora Gifts. Most recently, as President of Universal Studios' Worldwide Consumer Products Group, she led development of all the major studio brands, and established innovative alliances with packaged goods and fast food promotional partners and key mass market retail partners.

Cynthia is also a Member of the Board of CPP, Inc. an industry leader in research, training, and organizational development tools including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment. See: Press Release


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