Mark Heninger, Board of Advisors


Mark Heninger has a rare blend of technical, marketing and business acumen. Those strengths allow him to understand crucial technical processes and translate these technical concepts into profitable Internet business models. His years of experience with the development of entertainment technologies is why companies, including the Creative Projects Group®, seek his experience on projects in order to properly monetize existing and emerging markets. He has consistently crafted dynamic distribution, marketing and advertising strategies for film, television, music, and corporate branding.

Mark is now pioneering solutions for effective marketing inside of social media platforms through software and patented processes. He sold his first company in 2007, one that had a nationwide fiber backbone that encoded, archived, and distributed media directly into large subscriber networks and CDN's. His abilities have enabled him to distill complex technical concepts into clearly understandable arguments and are why he has become a highly-desired expert, both on-the-stand in trials and in arbitration legal proceedings, in various Internet-related cases ranging from search-engine-optimization, network-security, social-media, distribution of secured-media and Internet payment-systems.

Mark has over thirteen years owning and operating successful and profitable companies. His primary focus has been the definition of online marketing strategies, building of revenue-generating web properties and digital distribution strategies for large and small media companies, all while extending security measures to meet and exceed expectation and the positioning, branding, and monetization of entertainment properties inside of social media platforms. He has served as the Founder, CEO of 11 Amps, Inc, Founder and CEO of DreamTank, Inc. ( ) and the Founder and CMO UVU, Inc ( Mark has also worked as consultant with a client roster that includes: Hospitality Networks, Ascent Media, On Command Corp., Lodge Net, TVN, Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, AE, and Sirius Radio. Each of these clients relied on his expertise and experience to create, host and/or enhance their Internet properties. His aptitude and attention to detail have resulted in long-term marketing strategies for television, film, radio, music, games on-demand, and VOIP services over alternative networks (IPTV).

Some of his notable professional achievements include being hired by large operators of online-content to identify piracy of video feeds and successfully building security schemes to identify individuals and hacking methods and his methodology and concepts that are utilized on many websites and delivery formats, assisting Real Networks in extending its SMIL file programming and distribution of content; assisting General Dynamics (now Koolconnect) in finalizing the asset production and specifications for the Intrigue VOD system. DreamTank engineers had to physically examine the hardware and perform a multitude of tests that eventually led to the standard operating and encoding procedure for both client and manufacturer; making contributions and improvements to the Cable Labs Spec (1.1- 2.0); identifying problems and contributing to the current spec for VC1 encoding by Microsoft. Mark is currently creating a working-specification for best-encoding practices utilizing H.264

Mark earned his Bachelor of Communications Degree from Luther College and wrote his dissertation on Subliminal Advertising and Converging Technologies.  He earned the honor of Instructor and teaches Digital Distribution and Monetization Strategies at the UCLA Extension program inside the Business Studies Department. Over the last four years, his classes have grown in popularity and include a wide-spectrum of professionals in the media and entertainment verticals, each of whom wants to better understand and track new developments in the current and emerging digital market place.  Some of the course topics that he has taught include: Evolution of Media Distribution -Traditional to Interactive: Demystifying the Techno babble - Encoding, Compression, Transcoding Containers Networks, and Formats. Media vs. Metadata - Index or Die; Evolution of Connected Devices: The war to win the consumer and format dominance; Sex Sells! Pushing Pink Pixels for Profit Cable vs. Telcos vs. Satellite vs. Mobile; Digital Trends; Past, Present, and Future; Social Networks: The audience IS the message. Mark is a member of/affiliated with Digital Hollywood, the Best Practices Lab; the American Film Institute's Digital Content Labs, the Society of Industry Leaders and Vista Research of Standard and Poor's. He is fluent in Spanish.


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