Odette Springer, Board of Advisors

springerOdette Springer is an independent film producer and classically trained composer/lyricist. She started playing piano at the age of three and began writing songs at the age of thirteen. She has been published by Bourne Co., United Artists, EMI and has recordings on Capitol and Prelude Records, a number of which hit on the Pop and R&B charts. As Vice-President of Worldwide Music for Concorde/New Horizons Pictures, she supervised music and negotiated contracts with composers and songwriters for over 50 films and served as the liaison between directors, producers and the company management.

Odette has also been a singer/songwriter and composer for over 25 films for Paramount Studios, The Disney Channel, Concorde/New Horizons Pictures, Cinetel, IRS Media, 21st Century Motion Pictures Corporation,HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, STARZ, and OnDemand, as well as television networks in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Japan and Canada.

Odette's first feature documentary about Hollywood's B-Movie industry premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize.  She shot 48 hours of footage and obtained the rights to use clips from over 30 erotic/slasher/action adventure feature films.  Her film eventually evolved into 90 hours of footage that became a harrowing personal journey and resulted in the critically acclaimed Some Nudity Required, which sold out at the Sundance Film Festival and immediately secured worldwide distribution.  From Janet Maslin to the Los Angeles Times to Entertainment Weekly and Variety, Springer's film has been hailed as "thought provoking, insightful, provocative, impressive and required viewing.  A rare example of documentary cinema that appeals to all cross sections of the population while maintaining integrity and complexity through non-judgmental eyes." She is currently writing a book and one- woman show based on this acclaimed documentary.

At Ara Kara, LLC, she wrote and directed Garden of Eatin', a documentary film about the life of food giant Al Jacobson, who, in his fifties, went from poverty to riches in 1990 after selling his company to Hain for 6 million dollars. She also produced and directed a series of shorts and documentaries on health, vegetarianism and the environment. With a belief that the voices of children are powerful and uplifting, she wrote, co-produced (with UNICEF), and directedthe music video In the Spirit of Love which premieredat the First Annual Common Ground Santa Barbara Documentary Film Festival.  Odette's vision is to expand this into an album, a documentary feature film and a traveling multi-media exhibit entitled Voice of the Child: A World Choir For Peace.  For further details on her work, please see www.imdb.com/name/nm0819749/

Born in Manhattan, Odette graduated with honors from the Lyçée Français de New York and earned a B.A. in Piano fromthe Manhattan School of Music. She has both taken and taught numerous classes in film and television at UCLA and USC, studied acting with Bill Alderson (Meisner Technique), Kim Gillingham (Sondra Seakat technique) and Uta Hagen at HB Studios as well as voice with Seth Riggs, Giuseppe Balestrieri, and Cynthia Auerbach at the Manhattan School of Music and Dance with Jill Strauss, Santa Monica Dance Studios.  Odette is fluent in French, Spanish and Dutch. She is currently an MA/Ph.D. candidate at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Mythological Studies and Archetypal Psychology.   In the realm of her life experience, she includes having traveled extensively around the world, enmeshed herself in the study and practice of Zen and Taoism and having aquirky sense of humor.


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