Steve Solot, Board of Advisors

slottSteve Solot is responsible for Production Policy, Latin America, Spain & Portugal at Netflix.. He is founder and former President of the Latin American Training Center (LATC), a regional media training and consulting center in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in creative training programs for audiovisual content producers in Latin America and Spain. LATC is affiliated with FORCINE, the Brazilian Association of Film and Television Schools, and maintains formal agreements with: IFTA-Los Angeles (Independent Film and Television Alliance) Foundation, NALIP-Los Angeles (National Assn. of Latino Independent Producers) and various law firms in Latin America and the US.

He is also founder and board member of the Brazilian Film Commission Network (Rede Brasileira de Film Commissions-REBRAFIC), an association representing 26 film commissions throughout the country.

Prior to establishing the LATC, he served as Senior VP, Latin American Operations of the Motion Picture Association - MPA, the US film industry trade association that represents the major Hollywood studios including: Buena Vista International (Disney), Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox International Corporation, Universal International Films, Inc., e Warner Bros. International Theatrical Distribution.

Before joining the Motion Picture Association, Mr. Solot served as loan officer and economist in the Rio de Janeiro branch of the Bank of Boston, Consultant and Professor at the Center for Foreign Trade Studies (FUNCEX) and the Center for Joint Latin American Economic Integration Studies (ECIEL) in Rio.

Steve Solot holds MA degrees in Economics from Boston University, and in Latin American Studies, from the University of the Pacific.


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