Elliott Nix, Board of Advisors

elliottnixElliott Nix is the Head of YouTube Sales: Retail, Consumer Electronics and Telecom at Google. With over 18 years in Media & Advertising, spent primarily at the OMD USA Advertising Agency and Google, Elliott has worked on blue chip clients such as AT&T, Comcast, Bank of America and Macy's. His experience includes TV Buying, V.O.D., Mobile App promotion, Search, Programmatic and Online Video. Since joining the Video Sales team in mid-2016, he has focused on client Video challenges, and the shift from "Television first" marketing to a Video Neutral approach. Prior to that, Elliott worked specifically on Google mobile marketing in Telecom, Tech & Retail, as mSearch Head of Industry-Finance and as Senior Account Executive for Google TV Ads. He helped Google become the largest mobile Search, Display and Video Network in the world.

 At OMD USA, Elliott was Associate Group Director handling Television emerging media including mobile (pre-iPhone), Captivate and VOD, and led the TV buying team that worked on Sony Playstation, Beiersdorf and Focus Features, negotiating both scatter and upfront deals for more than $30 million in annual spend. As TV media buyer for all brands and lines of business under the Pepsico umbrella of products, as well as Cingular (pre-AT&T rebrand), he worked on many different strategic upfront deals and sponsorships, including the Cingular Survivor All-Star Award which was the first of its kind.

Prior to OMD USA, he worked at NBC Sports as a Sports Sales Assistant working on NASCAR, MLB and Olympics TV upfront and scatter deal fulfillment and, originally, as an NBC Page and Sales & Marketing Intern.

Elliott has worked on and led technology and marketing initiatives, including:

  • Video Neutral: Addressing the video viewer shift to online
  • Mobile Marketing: Optimizing to the mobile consumer behavior
  • Omni-channel sales attribution (offline + online)
  • Data-driven analysis and modeling
  • Large-scale program management

Elliott is an accomplished speaker and presenter, in both large conference forums and boardroom settings, a graduate of Hamilton College, and an Adjunct Professor, teaching a course on Mobile Marketing. He lives in Glen Ridge, NJ with his wife and three daughters, and has spent his free time as a volunteer ambulance driver, Crossfitter and avid street hockey player.


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