Global Arts Corps


Global Arts Corps works with artists who either once looked down the barrel of a gun at each other or, as children of conflict, still deal with memories not yet healed.

As actors we are able to tell stories, and help others to communicate their own stories – stories that are usually too difficult to be told or which most people are too afraid to talk about. Acting enables us to present a mirror of ourselves that helps us to see situations from a different point of view, to provoke us into rethinking our own beliefs, shared myths and perceptions of others. Acting creates a "safe space" in which we can say and do things that are of the moment, it allows both perpetrator and victim to step into each other's shoes without judgment. It allows us to "rehearse" forgiveness, to "rehearse" reconciliation. In the safe confines of the theatre, we are able to communicate that which is "unspoken", and we are able to see deeper and multiple truths.

At Global Arts Corps, we create theatre ensembles out of actors who fundamentally disagree with each other; individuals who are suspicious of each other; and who see each other as "us" and "them".