badgeTribal Leadership, authored by CPG Board of Advisors Members David Logan and John King, with Halee Fischer-Wright, has achieved the #1 ranking on the New York Times Paperback and Advice Best Seller List. To purchase copies, please go to the link in the Publications and Products section of the CPG Site.  



It's official.

Tribal Leadership is #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

You can see the ranking on the website or catch it in today's Sunday paper.

What started as a book has become a movement in large part because of this growing tribe. As the book gains more attention, we would greatly appreciate it if you can share your review of the book with potential readers on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The Tribal Team and I want to thank each of you whose contribution and efforts made this possible (the list of people is just too long to mention here by name).

"The Art of Triading" at Zappos All-Hands Meeting 2011

As a thank you for your continued support we just posted a video that can impact your organization immediately. The video was one of the most thorough public talks I have given on the topic of triads. It was a keynote from the annual Zappos All-Hands Meeting on May 5th, 2011.

"The Art of Triading" at Zappos All-Hands Meeting 2011

Watch "The Art of Triading"