Stuart Volkow, Board of Advisors

svolkowStuart Volkow is a strategic consultant, project manager, business analyst and development expert including with regard to film, television and Internet production services. Stuart's career spans digital media, TV and Feature Film production. He produced and product-managed interactive and video programs for a division of the educational publisher ABC CLIO ( (Intellimation) in Santa Barbara CA.  He co-produced the 50th Anniversary United Nations multi-media encyclopedia for Frankfurt Balkind Interactive. After graduating from the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI), he worked in feature film development and production at Phoenix Pictures Inc. under Chairman Mike Medavoy.

As Executive Producer and VP of Internet Operations for the 5th Avenue Channel in Miami, FL., Stuart had technical and production responsibilities. The company produced and broadcast lifestyle programming and personal finance news on Comcast and Dish Network to 14 million homes. He produced Stock Talk Central, Business Todayand Inside Health. In his technical management role, he set-up one of the first operations to stream live TV over the Internet and provide users searchable, on-demand video archives. He launched one of the first broadband channels on MSN.

Stuart has taught over thirty UCLA courses on production, media and entertainment technology since 1994,  including ones on Global Media Technology Megatrends, Digital Production and Distribution, Media & Entertainment; Megacorps: Profiling The Giants Media and Entertainment Technology, Basics TV Reborn Advertising Reborn Advertising Metrics and Nielsen Internet Video & YouTube, Executive Briefing. He has been a contributing Editor for Videography Magazine, and a Contributing Editor to CMS Newsline, covering technology trends for media executives. His  speaking engagements have included the Online Media Marketing Association Conference, Digital Hollywood's University Project, the Global Technology Forum at Keimyoung University and the DIP Campus in Daegu South Korea and numerous guest speaking engagements for UCLAs Special Programs for executives from China and South Korea.

Stuart's degree in Physiology is from Southern Illinois University. His graduate research work was in biomedical engineering and chronic pain and stress. He is a Producing graduate of the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies. He practices Yoga and Martial Arts and has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is a communications specialist for CA-9 Disaster Medical Assistance Team and an amateur radio operator KG6YYJ.

Some of Stuart's recent consulting engagements include: Technology strategy and vendor capabilities for EMI Music Publishing Inc. on digital platforms, search and recommendation systems; Business Analysis and Architecture of a digital delivery platform for the world's largest production music library, Associated Production Music LLC; Business Planning and Strategy for Music, Film and TV Production: Elias Arts, R. Sheldon Productions, Sacred Power, VisionBox Media, Ironpond Inc; Business development for two of the world's leading media recommendation systems: One Llama Media Inc. ( ) for Music and Beyond Broadcast Media ( ) for all media and textual content; Design and Project Management of a knowledge management technology transfer system for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Defense Science Office (; Business Analysis and project management for an online interactive environment for chat and classified advertising for Next Encounter Inc.; Business Development for US Telematics, makers of in-car broadband systems; Production Management for one of the world's largest outdoor video venues at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

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