badgeCPG Advisory Board Member, Jeff Grant has been named as Team Leader for Connecticut's Family ReEntry/Fresh Start Enterprises'  entry in the Social Impact Exchange 2011 Business Plan Competition.  Since 1984, Family ReEntry's efforts have been aimed at comprehensively and effectively addressing the enormous social problems related to crime, violence, abuse, and the unprecedented rates of costly incarceration. Jeff is also a Member of the Board of Directors of Family Reentry, serves as its Corporate Secretary, and Chairs its Fresh Start Enterprises Steering Committee. For more information:

One of the best predictors of successful reentry for ex-offenders is finding a job. Without employment, an ex-offender in the State of Connecticut has a 69% chance of returning to prison within three years of release. With this in mind, Family ReEntry created Fresh Start Enterprises. This work & leaarn model program was started as an option to help address the unique employment challenges facing ex-offenders. Family ReEntry created its own micro businesses to train and employ reentry clients in various technical and work behavior skills. Its "work crew" model created supportive peer relationships. FSE supports poverty alleviation and community economic development. For additional information: