badgeCPG Advisory Board Members, Cynthia Cleveland, Nancy-Cushing Jones and Barbara Weller have successfully launched a website that is specifically designed for all busy women, especially women over 40.  

LOS ANGELES, CA Broadthink, a boutique branding and new business development company servicing a wide range of clients, has launched, a site specifically designed for all busy women, especially women over 40.  It includes tons of special member benefits, new products, services, and exclusive forums on subjects that concern women.

"HerBusyLife is the first step in building our own Transmedia venture, which will eventually include original novels, games and much more," explained the Broadthink partners. "We are reaching out to the very underserved market of women over 40, many of whom are navigating great changes in their own lives."

Broadthink's partners have been very busy themselves raising families, running companies, cleaning up after everyone and taking care of friends, family and pampered pets! is a site for women, like themselves, who need trustworthy shortcuts to great deals, current information and support. Topics discussed include the latest health and environmental news, entrepreneurship and women reinventing themselves, the best diet plans, tasty recipes, newest styles and trends, great beauty tips, the best places to shop, where to go for everything, contests, and much more!

Some of the's most popular features include Cate Drew's Laughlines and Living Unscripted by Shaz.  Cate's take on the fun and foibles of her busy life in Vermont are reminiscent of one of America's funniest columnists, Erma Bombeck. Shaz left her life in the financial world when her four children left home and she found herself at the end of her marriage. She's currently living her dream as a theater producer, launching two Broadway shows with three incredible galpal partners, and is now on a journey to self-discovery and rebirth as she travels to Paris, Tel Aviv and who-knows-where else.

Barbara Weller, Executive Editor of, is a proven media/communications specialist, who has created network and cable television and video programming, developed affinity programs and produced national magazines for various audiences. Ms. Weller is a veteran newspaper journalist and editor and has launched numerous syndicated columns. The site is also managed by veteran Transmedia and marketing specialists Cynthia Cleveland and Nancy Cushing-Jones. Ms. Cleveland has run retail, gift and entertainment businesses, ranging from venture capital supported to Fortune 500 companies. She has also developed, launched, and managed hundreds of domestic and international consumer brands. Ms. Cushing-Jones has run worldwide publishing and interactive game licensing programs for a major film and television studio and developed new fiction and non-fiction programs for both adults and children, many of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.


Broadthink, founded in 2002, is a media, marketing, branding, and business development company dedicated to optimizing the visions of its clients. Broadthink's three partners, Cynthia Cleveland, Nancy Cushing-Jones, and Barbara Weller, are recognized throughout the entertainment, consumer products and publishing industries as experts in content translation from one medium to another. The Los Angeles-based company offers its clients a rich menu of services ranging from business evaluation, brand planning, product development, strategic consulting, business start up, to business management.

Broadthink's clients include bestselling authors (Dean Koontz, Janet Evanovich), publishing companies (Random House, Scholastic Books), media companies (Viacom, HBO), toy and game companies (Mattel, Atari) and award-winning performers (John Lithgow). For more information visit