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badgesentinalhollywoodhealthWilliam Nix Served as Judge in the 2020 Sentinel Awards for USC’s Hollywood, Health & Society

After two rounds of judging, 13 TV shows will be honored at the 2020 Sentinel Awards for their outstanding storylines on health, safety and security. Read the press release.

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badgesiesocietyWilliam Nix serving as founding member and Co-Executive Director, along with Founders Rippberger and Deml, of new SIE Society

Founders Robert Rippberger and Tobias Deml today announced the formation of the SIE Society, an organization which will serve as a central hub to connect, empower and create alliances between Social Impact Entertainment companies, content creators, organizations, institutions and professionals.

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badgekaiaWilliam Nix does Q&A with Kaia Alexander’s Writing With Kaia “Secret Knock Call”

Kaia’s focus is on supporting women writers, especially women of color, black and indigenous writers. She brings special guests onto zoom calls, and also run a Facebook group called “Writing with Kaia” where she shares industry information, articles, tips and videos I create for them. She also teaches small workshops like how to pitch, drawing on her experience as a development executive, where she helped produced did three movies that did well at the BO. She teaches about the buyer's perspective, and has a reputation for supporting women creators in the industry.

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badgepgalogounlogoWilliam Nix Joins PGA Colleagues in Moderating U.N. 101: ROADMAP TO WORKING WITH THE UNITED NATIONS Workshop. Presented by the Producers Guild of America.

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cgpbadgepropjunRoger Allers, Writer/Director and William Nix, Executive Producer Panelists at Illuminate Silver Linings Screenings Series

The Prophet is screening on June 4 at 5:00pm - 7:30pm MST/PDT

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, produced by Salma Hayek Pinault and starring the voices of Liam Neeson, John Krasinski, Quvenzhane Wallis and Frank Langella, is the fourth film of the month-long, weekly watch-at-home program Silver Linings Screening Series: Loving Life After Lockdown. The free live weekly series features a lineup of life-affirming, uplifting feature narratives and documentaries alongside live filmmaker Q&A’s, interactive discussions and the festival’s signature Reel Healing events.

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cgpbadgeLOHAS  LOHAS Capital LogoLOHAS  LOHAS-Advisors-LogocropWilliam Nix has become a Principal Advisor and Partner in LOHAS Capital and LOHAS Advisors:

“LOHAS” is a consumer market segmentation term that stands for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” and refers to that segment of the population that aspires to a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle and makes buying and investment decisions accordingly.

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cgpbadgeCreative Projects Group has optioned the media rights to the novel “An Accidental Cuban” and William Nix will serve as Executive Producer and Story Editor of a Series adapted from the work:

cubanbookWorking together with Author Joan Moran, William Nix will serve as Executive Producer and Story Editor of a Series adapted from her work.  The series will tell the story of Harry Cisneros is a Cuban national desperate to leave Cuba and return to America. No longer content to work in a cigar factory, he hustles as a translator in the colonial seaside city of Cienfuegos, surrounded by criminal corruption. “An Accidental Cuban” is an exciting voyage through the underworld you suspect exists behind the classic cars, lively music, and endemic poverty. Harry Cisneros, the protagonist of this thriller, is the perfect guide. See:

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cgpbadge William Nix has joined the Advisory Board of Hollywood, Health & Society:

Hollywood Health  Society Pen Logo Founded by Norman Lear, and part of the USC Norman Lear Annenberg Center, HHS&S “provides the entertainment industry with accurate and up-to-date information for storylines on health, safety and national security. With generous support from funders that include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The SCAN Foundation, N Square, the California Health Care Foundation, Open Society Foundations, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, John Pritzker Family Fund, LUNGevity, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, HH&S recognizes the profound impact that entertainment has on audience knowledge and behavior.

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cgpbadge Creative Projects Group is pleased to add the additional suite of consulting services now being provided by ncj publishing services, a new consulting business being launched by Nancy Cushing-Jones, who is also on CPG’s Board of Advisors.

Nancy, who has been working in the publishing industry for 35+ years, is now offering authors and publishers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from content editing to brand development and brand expansion across multiple platforms.  For more information, please go to    See PRESS RELEASE

cgpbadge2uWilliam Nix is teaching his second iteration of an Entertainment, Media & Sports online course in 2020 using the 2U media platform.

2U is a global educational technology company that contracts with nonprofit colleges and universities to offer online degree programs. The company supplies its client institutions with a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform, coursework design, infrastructural support, and capital to deliver instruction. The asynchronous segment of the course was produced via forty hours of recorded lectures and expert roundtables in the 2U Atwater Village Studios in Los Angeles. The live/synchronous course is being presented weekly to students from all over the United States and as far away as China, Istanbul and the Sudan.  See: